When the election’s over, I’ll still be here serving the community every day — full time.

That’s why I’m running to be your next Winter Park City Commissioner. I’m hoping I can also serve Winter Park by representing our families at City Hall.

This campaign is the start of something new in Winter Park — something we can build on year after year. I’m looking forward to working with ALL Winter Parkers to improve access & representation in our city.

Single Member District (SMD) Voting vs. At-Large Voting.

When different parts of the city are given the right to vote for their own commissioner – to vote for someone who understands their needs – it’s called “Single Member District” voting. Our neighbor next door – the city of Orlando – votes this way. The alternative is “At-Large Voting.” At-Large Voting is the system we have in Winter Park.

This map shows Precinct 4. It includes neighborhoods all the way from Lake Maitland & Lake Osceola to the downtown area to Lake Bell & Lake Killarney.

There are 5 voting precincts in WP. If Winter Park voted SMD, the districts could be drawn along current voting precinct lines. One commissioner could be elected from each precinct — that would be 5 commissioners.

SMD voting can be set up in one of several ways. Often, the mayor is elected At-Large (by all citizens). In our case, we would need a 7th tie-breaker vote (an odd number of votes). We could elect an additional commissioner At-Large to create a tie-breaking 7th vote.


Winter Park citizens would benefit if we upgrade our commercial development permitting & variance process.

We need to create common-sense controls and follow best practices adopted by other communities.

Prior to the first vote of any board or city commission, we should require developers to erect multiple “story poles” on proposed building sites to show citizens the height and footprint of a proposed building.

Stand With Me.


Do What You Can.


Your Story Matters.


Families Come First.

Keep Winter Park Family-Friendly.